January 21st, 2018
    Digestive Reboot System

    Review of PrettyFit’s Digestive Reboot System

    Recently we were offered the chance to review PrettyFit’s Digestive Reboot System which consists of their probiotic Probio-30 and digestive enzymes Digest+.

    We love that PrettyFit uses ingredients backed by scientific literature and research in the Digestive Reboot System… they certainly did not skimp on quality.

    The Digestive Reboot System is specifically designed as an all-natural one-two punch to bring your digestive health up and consequently your metabolism, energy levels, immune system, hair/skin health and a host of other benefits.

    By combining both a high-quality probiotic and digestive enzymes, they’ve built a complete digestive health system that allows you to make drastic improvements to your digestive health and metabolism in under 3 minutes a day.

    Improving your digestive health is one of the easiest ways to improve your metabolism and the Digestive Reboot System looks like an easy, affordable way to get all the benefits of a healthier digestive system without any drastic lifestyle changes.

    What’s in the PrettyFit Digestive Reboot System

    Digestive Reboot System Labels
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    Product type: Probiotic
    Their high quality probiotic Probio-30 contains over 30 billion helpful organisms and is designed to help improve the health of your gut flora, the trillions of healthy bacteria that live in your digestive tract.


    Product type: Digestive Enzymes
    This digestive enzymes supplement helps your body break down hard-to-digest foods like dairy, gluten, etc so your digestive tract doesn’t have to work so hard.

    The Good

    1. Science/Research-backed products

    PrettyFit included only science backed ingredients in their Digestive reboot system. For example, A Science Daily showed that women who consumed a probiotic containing the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a strain included in Probio-30, lost TWICE as much weight as women who did not use the probiotic.

    Additionally, the women who used the probiotic in this study continued to lose weight after the initial study period AND showed decreased levels of intestinal bacteria related to obesity…

    Another example, Digest+ contains not only contains a full spectrum of helpful enzymes, it contains the enzymes Aspergillopepsin and DPPIV which can help you digest gluten more effectively, as well as Beta Glucanase which can help slow the growth of candida.

    2. Convenience and ease of use

    The Digestive Reboot System is very easy to use. You simply take 1 capsule of Probio-30 per day with a meal (ideally the same meal each day), and 1 capsule of Digest+ with food 2-3 times daily… That’s it.

    3. Longevity, you can take these products month after month

    The thing about your gut flora and digestive health is that it’s always changing. Certain foods like false sweeteners, greasy foods and over-processed and refined foods damage the health of your gut flora and create a negative ratio of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

    By continuously taking probiotics and digestive enzymes, you can feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to keep digestive health on point.

    The Bad

    The biggest drawback we see is the price. Compared to cheaper alternatives, it costs more than your run of the mill probiotic supplement at your local health store.

    However, the cheaper probiotics you find at health food stores are typically worthless because they don’t even reach your lower digestive tract where they do the most good because they’re burned up by your stomach acid.

    PrettyFit uses special DRcaps® that can get through your stomach acid and deliver the probiotics to your lower intestines where they actually do some good.

    This makes cheaper alternatives worthless, so we think the Digestive Reboot System, with Probio-30 is 100% worth the extra pennies.

    The verdict

    The PrettyFit Digestive Reboot System is a phenomenal pairing of products for those looking to naturally improve their metabolism, daily energy levels and immune system.

    Probio-30 and Digest+ are made from the best research-backed ingredients available. Even down to the type of capsule they used, everything is a high-quality and effective as possible.

    We believe the Digestive Reboot System is worth every penny and the perfect way to start for anyone looking to benefit not just their metabolism, but their overall health and wellness.

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